Everglades Holiday Park

Day with the Gator Girl!Airboating the Everglades should be on everyone’s bucket list, and who doesn’t want to see some live Gator wrestling? You can do both at Everglades Holiday Park in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Yes, this is home base to the “Gator Boys” show as seen on Animal Planet. We were happy to see a few familiar faces from the show on our trip.

Tre was our airboat driver, Scott was hanging out, and Ashley the great gator girl, performed the gator wrestling show and we got to take a picture with her! On our 2nd trip, we got to see Mike who also performs a great show.

We had to wait in line to purchase our tickets for the Airboat Ride. It’s a popular place! Cost was about $24 for adults and $13 for kids. (You can print out a coupon online for $3 off adults and $2 for kids. We did : ) Then we pulled out our cooler and staked claim at a picnic table out front as we waited a bit for our turn on the airboats. We had an audience…a couple peacocks joined us for lunch as well as more than a few other hungry birds.

We waited about 15 minutes for our number to be called and walked across the parking lot to the dock. These airboats seat about 25 people. The boat has four benches with backrests and is covered and has open sides. The ride was breezy and beautiful even in mid August and the views had us breathless. In November, it was a bit chilly but just as beautiful.

After the airboat ride comes the gator wrestling show…rain or shine! And by this time, it was pouring rain but Ashley didn’t let that stop her!

Even though it ended with rain, a day at Everglades Holiday Park was most definitely, a day well spent!

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Mike Easter Gator Boy







We have been back many times and Tre is still our favorite driver.



2 thoughts on “Everglades Holiday Park

  1. I have been to the Park for many years.I have taken my children there and my grandchildren.I was hoping to take my Great Grand children there.My husband and I were there this year and did the Air boat ride and was beyond shocked when the Gentleman told us they were pumping sewer water in the Glades.I have seen so many Gators years ago and on this ride we saw a baby that was left by her mother.It is Heartbreaking to see the damage being done to the Wildlife and the Everglades.If i were to go back it would be to see The Gator Boys and Ashely do their show.Best part of the Park.Keep up the Good Work and Please stay and take care of the Gators.


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