Children’s Museum of Atlanta

childrens museum entrancechildrens museum interior cropped

The Atlanta Children’s Museum is located in downtown Atlanta just down the street from the Georgia Aquarium and Coca Cola. We parked in a parking garage across the street and walked our way in and then purchased tickets for about $14 each. There are many permanent exhibits as well as an array of hands on programs throughout the day. One program we were able to participate in was a science class where they demonstrated how electricity moves through circuits using a van de graafft generator.


You know, that machine that makes your hair stand up? IMG_0056_3

Next we visited the Let Your Creativity Flow exhibit where you can build sand scupltures and put them on display.


20140317-122526.jpg 20140317-122543.jpg



Here you can even paint on the walls!

20140317-122001.jpg 20140317-121923.jpg

In the Leaping Into Learning exhibit, children enter a forest where they can cast their rods and catch colorful fish and even go under a waterfall without getting wet.  My nephew loved catching fish and playing with nets in the water.

20140317-122431.jpg 20140317-122413.jpg

The overall favorite was definitely the Tools for Solutions exhibit.


20140317-122501.jpg We spent a lot of time working the crane.IMG_0043_3 IMG_0048_2They had to move the balls through the unit with simple machines using creative thinking and teamwork. They played here for hours. Other programming includes story time, music and motion, and crafts shown here below.


Another fun area was the Publix delivery truck, loading dock and store.IMG_0005_3 IMG_0006_2Options for play seemed endless.The Museum also hosts special programs such as Home School Days, Summer Camps, Meet the Holidays (events where kids celebrate holidays from around the world), as well as opportunities for children on the Autism Spectrum during early hours and rental rooms and packages for birthday parties.

20140317-122129.jpgWe will definitely be making a return trip next time we’re in town.


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