Food Truck Invasion

Food Truck Invasion in Tradition Square, Port Saint Lucie will switch to 1st and 3rd Fridays starting in September 2014. Bring a few lawn chairs and your dog if you like.  Event runs from 5 - 9 p.m. and trucks take credit/debit cards. Watch the sunset over the church steeple or the lake, visit with... Continue Reading →

Remembering Graceland

It's hard to believe the world lost Elvis Presley 37 years ago today. In memory, I saw fit to throw back a bit to a trip to Graceland our family took a few years back. My mother-in-law, Jean had always loved Elvis Presley. My husband remembers her singing along to Elvis many a night from... Continue Reading →

Savannas Preserve State Park

We decided to step out a few times a week and go on some day hikes instead of just around the block on our daily walks. This past sunny Saturday morning, Penny and I took a look around the trails at the Savannas Preserve State Park on Walton Road in Port Saint Lucie. You can pick... Continue Reading →

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Breathtaking vistas, wildlife roaming the frontier, stunning sights to behold at every twist and turn. Rocky Mountain National Park is truly one of Americas unsung treasures.Situated about 2 hours north of Denver, these hills provide travelers an experience found in few places that are easily accessible to the public. Add this park to the top of your... Continue Reading →

Life with Beagle

We recently rescued our beautiful little beagle, Penny, from the Treasure Coast Humane Society.  Daily walks and wags now brighten our day.  Life with beagle is a new adventure and we are excited to begin a brand new chapter with this wonderful furry addition to our family.

This magnificent bird flew over us while we were on an afternoon paddle out at Blue Springs State Park. I observed him from my Kayak where he landed just a few feet away. I was captivated as he snatched a fish from beneath the lily pads and had himself some lunch. Spending a few moments... Continue Reading →

Stone Mountain, GA

Our November trip to Stone Mountain, Georgia was a breath of fresh cold air. We stayed at the popular Evergreen Marriott Resort. This was the view from our balcony...gorgeous. The Stone Mountain Theme Park park down the road a bit is always a beautiful sight to behold at night. One of the reasons we like to visit... Continue Reading →

Blue Springs Bike Ride

Just outside the gate of Blue Springs State Park sits a trailhead to Volusia County's impressive Spring to Spring Trail. The trail is perfectly paved and just look at how it meanders back and forth and up and down, and might I add another up and down. Truth be told, my legs were a wee... Continue Reading →

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