Where I Ride

I am a Florida leisure cyclist. I love my blue Sun Beach Cruiser and long lazy rides through Tradition, Fl. When I reach this lake on my regular route, I can feel my soul settle down and unwind a bit.

Out here I ride with the cranes.


I ride with the cows.20140227-192139.jpgI ride with a helmet and a smile.

20140227-192251.jpgWhere do you ride? 20140227-192327.jpg


Chasing the Sun

I enjoy a bike ride in the “country” at the end of the day. Now that September has arrived though, the days are getting a bit shorter and I often find myself chasing the sun.

I ride just south of town as do many other cyclists. Here you can see the cattle endlessly snacking on tall grass and hear gators call out from the canals at dusk every night.

There are other critters out there too…as I was taking this picture I spotted a strange tail poking over the tips of the grass in the distance. I didn’t wait around to see what it was! Perhaps a Florida Panther? Bobcat? Fox? Wild Hog? (Ok, maybe a dog, but that doesn’t sound as exciting.) You never know what will appear out here…

A beautiful Florida sunset bike ride with wild critters is, for me, a day well spent.