Oxbow Eco Center

What’s it like inside the Oxbow Eco Center?

There’s so much to explore and get your hands on and your eyes around at a nature center. We are blessed to locally have “The Oxbow.” I love to watch the wonder in a child’s eye when they experience something for the first time, like standing eye to eye with an otter.

Ever lay your hand across the back of a bobcat? Curious about a crane’s beak?

Then head to the Oxbow. Your experience can be different every time. On our last visit, the staff had just received a nest of baby birds that had fallen out of a neighboring tree – we were mesmerized as their little beaks chirped up at us.

Peek through the glass at the snakes and turtles, run your fingers through the sand at the sensory table, take a hike on the trails…all part of a day well spent.

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Chasing the Sun

I enjoy a bike ride in the “country” at the end of the day. Now that September has arrived though, the days are getting a bit shorter and I often find myself chasing the sun.

I ride just south of town as do many other cyclists. Here you can see the cattle endlessly snacking on tall grass and hear gators call out from the canals at dusk every night.

There are other critters out there too…as I was taking this picture I spotted a strange tail poking over the tips of the grass in the distance. I didn’t wait around to see what it was! Perhaps a Florida Panther? Bobcat? Fox? Wild Hog? (Ok, maybe a dog, but that doesn’t sound as exciting.) You never know what will appear out here…

A beautiful Florida sunset bike ride with wild critters is, for me, a day well spent.